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10th July 2009

Today we had a meeting at the offices of White Cottage Publishing Company. The reason for this meeting was to review material shared with the company's managing editor, M. J. Reaves, a couple weeks ago. This information had been provided to her by Barb Sluppick, the owner of the "RomanceScams" Yahoo Group, a significant source in our last book. Anna also attended this meeting.

We learned that the Romance Scam problem has continued to get worse, and is growing throughout Europe, South American, Australia, and even Asia. However, the most disturbing aspect of the problem is that the average loss among victims had doubled since we wrote the last book. Anna and I agreed that we needed to consider either a revision our past book or even a new book. We decided that each of us should do some additional research and come back in another month

Another Meeting

14th August 2009

We did not meet exactly a month after the last meeting, but 35 days is pretty close for us. Both Anna and I were in shock over what we had found in the world of Romance Scam Fraud. Anna contacted many of the victims whose stories we had chronicled in the last book. I made use of my connections to see if we could find a better money trail from the West to West Africa to the Middle East.

Anna's report was very disturbing. She found that most of the Romance Scam victims whose lives we had chronicled, were not doing better emotionally. In one case, we saw how the famous (or infamous) psychologist, Dr. Phil McGraw ridiculed and mocked an older female Romance Scam victim on national television. We also found that he plagiarized much of our material when he did his show. He demonstrated a complete lack of understanding about the Romance Scam issue. If he had a license to practice psychology, that show along should have caused him to lose it. However, we found out that he "retired his license" in the State of Texas just days before he aired his show. We further learned that he never had a license to practice psychology in the State of California.

It became clear after looking at all the evidence, that we needed to write a second book just to give victims some kind of help and assistance. The working title would be Cyber Love's Illusions: The Healing Journey. After we considered evidence for three hours, we decided to meet at a later day to consider what I had learned. In the mean time, we would begin the writing of The Healing Journey.

It's Jon's Turn

15th September 2009

The news did not get any better when it came time to give my report. I re-analyzed the interview with Tobi and our "Deep Throat" informant in Nigeria. I even showed them a couple of scenes from the 2007 pilot of the now popular USA Network television show Burn Notice. Anna and Jo liked the show so much that I was obliged to show them the whole episode. We then switched gears and watched an episode of the ABC Hit Television Series Castle with Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic. The episode titled "Always Buy Retail" was about the religion and business of Nigeria. Too many times, we look at Nigeria and think it is all about scams and Frauds, and we overlook "the big picture."

We then "switched gears" and re-read the message that supposedly Osama bin Laden sent to al Jeezera television in February of 2003. Then we looked at the violence statistics in West Africa both before and after Osama's alleged message. We found there was little or no difference. We also started finding a considerable amount of evidence to suggest that Osama bin Laden has been dead for a long time. We also found a Duke University professor, an expert on Islamic terrorism and especially Osama bin Laden's terror organization al Qaeda (Arabic for "the base"). He tells us the 2003 tape is fake and that indeed, bin Laden is dead.

However, what we did find is that al Qaeda is alive and going strong. The bin Laden family has become a group of businessmen (women in the Islamic Religion has little influence, they are considered property, something less than human) more interested in making money than in committing terrorist acts. They will commit terrorism, but in its time and place. Right now, they understand the need to raise funds to pay for their future terrorism.

It became apparent that we needed to do not one book but three. Anna showed us that the first book did little to help scam victims recover from their trauma. We now see that the first book did little or nothing to inform the world about the world of Islamic terrorism and its connections to West African Romance Scam Fraud. The first book in the series will now be Cyber Love's Illusions: Romance Scams... a Virtual Pamdemic. We will discuss the second book in the series at a later date.

We adjourned this meeting and realized that it was time to work on the third book, as the victim's need was greater and it had to be adressed.

M.J. Reaves then informed us that she would put together an editorial team to help bring the book to print as a faster rate than any book her company had ever done before.

Book Writing & Research

21 March 2010

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