Professor Jonathan Lorrimer van Helsing brings a wealth of education and experience to this book project. He completed his undergraduate education at Morningside College with a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration--Accounting Emphasis, along with a minor in Religious Studies. He upgraded his minor in Religious Studies to a major by taking additional classes at the Aquinas Institute of Theology, Wartburg Theological Seminary, and the University of Dubuque Theological Seminary. During his time studying in both Catholic, Lutheran, and Presbyterian Seminaries, he evaluated the economic impacts of religious and spiritual activities on Western society. He also worked on a study group sponsored by Wartburg Theological Seminary that evaluated economic impacts of social services legislation in Denver, Colorado. He spent time lobbying in the legislature, visiting, and working with various social service agencies, touring the prisons, and even consulting with the Denver police on cases.

After finishing his undergraduate work, Jonathan worked for a state revenue department auditing some of the largest corporations in the world. He later worked in the public accounting field before he re-entered the academic world. He received a Master's Degree in Management Information Systems with emphasis in the Decision Sciences, along with additional studies in Finance and Quantitative Methods from the Beacom School of Business at The University of South Dakota in Vermillion, South Dakota. During this time, he wrote a ground-breaking quantitative analysis paper identifying major weaknesses in the microcomputer system auditing programs used by major public accounting firms worldwide.

After Jonathan completed his Graduate Studies, he held professorships at two Midwestern U.S. colleges where he taught Accounting Systems classes. He got into publishing when he became a business analyst/software developer at two major legal publishing companies. He has complete additional studies at the Iowa Tax Institute, the IC3 Security Institute, and other taxtion institutes.

Jonathan met Anna after she had founded an international newspaper. He worked as an investigative journalist (sometimes undercover) where he helped to expose a internationally-renowned religious racketeer. His articles have appeared in other publications nationwide with bylines covering topics relevant to economics, current events, along with many other social and spiritual issues. He is a frequent guest and news analyst on radio talk shows and has been interviewed on Fox News television and the Public Broadcasting System (PBS).

Jonathan continues to be interested in a number of subjects, including the Conflicts of Religions in West Africa between Christianity, Islam and Verdun (Voodoo), and how it impacts spirituality in the West. Consistent with this, he also studies the various activities of West African Crime Syndicates and their impacts on Western economies. He has also watched with interest, how the influx of Wahhabist, Qutbists, Shi'ite, and other teachings of Middle Eastern Islam have affected the basic forms of West African Islam.

21st Century Warfare Prayers Book

Professor van Helsing has recently released a book titled 21st Century Warfare Prayers helping Christians to counter the occultism that has become a fixture in the West. He continues to research how the various forms of occultism have encroached upon Western Christianity and what Christians can do to deal with it. The professor continues to research this subject and plans to have an additional book available by this summer. To learn more about the work of Professor Jonathan van Helsing, check out his website.