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All-Out War on Romance Scams!

Romance Scams or "catfishing" has grown considerably since we released the first edition of Cyber Love's Illusions in 2006. Because of the growth of this worldwide "industry," it has become time to release a newer, updated and expanded editions of the blockbuster book Cyber Love's Illusions. Since the Romance Scam scourge has increased, the authors are releasing the Cyber Love's Illusions Series in an all-out war on Romance Scam Fraud.

Cyber Love's Illusions: Romance Scams
. . . a Virtual Pandemic

The first book warns the general public about the growing problem of West African Romance Scam Artists and how they are literally dismantling our entire economy. In this book, you will learn how Islamic Terror Organizations have taken informal West African scam rings and organized them into efficient criminal syndicates, bilking victims out of BILLIONS of dollars every year. Even the FBI admits that a portion of the funds stolen by Romance Scam Artists finances International Terrorism. Once these funds have been Towers Burningtransferred from the Scam Syndicates to the Islamic Terror Organizations, they are able to finance major terror operations like ISIS/ISIL, the 9/11 disasters with the Twin Towers in Manhattan, New York and the Pentagon in the D.C. Metro Area, and the subway bombings in Madrid, London and Mumbai.

Cyber Love's Illusions: The Healing Journey

The second book, subtitled, The Healing Journey, is designed to provide substantive help to Romance Scam victims, their caring counselors, and other professionals who help them deal with their issues. This book will help victims understand their very normal feelings and offer them guidelines to assist them on their path to full recovery, trust and happiness.

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